Who Does SR?

"Scriptural Reasoning" was first established as a method for shared scriptural study among a small group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars of religion—scholars of scripture, of the traditions of scriptural interpretation, of theology, and of philosophy. These scholars have tended to work in small groups of about twenty members, meeting together several times and year and joining together both for study, discussion, and for various writing projects.

Working out of universities and seminaries, scholars of Scriptural Reasoning have shared their methods of study with students and colleagues, with religious leaders in neighboring cities, and with members of local congregations and some peace groups. Through such contact, more public forms of scriptural reasoning study have appeared, including student study circles in the Abrahamic traditions, circles of religious leaders and teachers, and circles of congregants. The SR scholars also established groups like the Children of Abraham Institute to foster grass-roots study circles among members of the Abrahamic traditions and communities.

Among the most active scholarly study circles are the Scriptural Reasoning Theory Group (est. 1995 and meeting annually at Cambridge University and alongside the American Academy of Religion Annual meeting); the Scriptural Reasoning Research Group of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton (est. in 2003 and meeting twice annually at CTI); the Scriptural Reasoning Group of the American Academy of Religion (est in 2004 and holding two sessions at each annual meeting of the AAR); The Society for Textual Reasoning (est. in 1991 as a society for Jewish text study and philosophy: different subgroups of the Society meet about 4-5 times per year); The Biblical Reasoning Society (est. in 2001 at Cambridge University, for regular Christian scriptural study); The Society for Qur'anic Reasoning (est. in 2003 as a society for Islamic text study and meeting twice annually); and the Society for Scriptural Reasoning at the AAR, the original SR group (established in 1994; now divided into the preceding groups but also holding an annual "Sunday night" public meeting at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion).

For more detailed membership information, please see the "Participating Societies" page on this website.