Teaching Resources

Scriptural Reasoning In the Classroom

Presented here are some examples of how teachers are bringing Scriptural Reasoning into their classes.


External Sites

Links to courses and institutions that promote the kind of learning nurtured by the SR Societies:

  • Rumee Ahmed, Brown University's first Muslim Chaplain
    Article from Brown Alumni Magazine
    Ahmed started a program for his fellow chaplains in scriptural reasoning, which he hopes to expand to the wider campus community.
  • Yehezkel Landau, Faculty Associate in Interfaith Relations, Hartford Seminary
    Job and Jonah: Suffering, Repentance, and Spiritual Transformation (Winter/Spring 2004) Web site with link to syllabus
  • Jewish-Muslim Studies Initiative, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Program website
    Recently started by Professor Sam Fleischacker, the program includes a course available to students at both institutions, public lectures, and a theatrical performance.
  • The Three Faiths Forum sponsors sessions of dialogue and educational programs based on scriptural reasoning.
    Read the texts and some opening questions from a session about "Rebellion."