Upcoming in 2012!

Summer 2012 Scriptural Reasoning Training Session

Sunday, June 17, 2012 - Friday, June 22, 2012

Participation in the 2012 Training Session will:

  • Enable first-time participants in SR to be fully qualified to share in the work of any ongoing Abrahamic SR fellowships. Some experienced teachers find that after a session like this they are also prepared to facilitate and lead SR groups.
  • Qualify second-time or third-time SR participants to lead SR groups, or also become regional directors/planners and so on.
  • In response to participant requests we also provide Certificates of Training from the North American Society for Scriptural Reasoning according to the level of training achieved.

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This year's study topic is "Music" in the TaNaKH (Hebrew Bible), the New Testament, and the Qur'an. Participants' time together will include study and interpretation of "musical texts" from the sacred scriptures, presentations by professional musicians and musicologists on music and scripture, and live musical performances. Readings and schedules will be sent out to registrants prior to the training sessions.

This year's training includes individual 2-day sessions at three different campuses: The University of Virginia, Eastern Mennonite University, and George Mason University. Participants are invited to attend one, two, or all three of the trainings—each of which will offer for study and interpretation distinct texts, presentations, and musical performances.

Scriptural Reasoning Training Sessions

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) offers a time and place for Christians, Jews, and Muslims to read and interpret each other's sacred texts. SR invites participants to encounter each other by studying and commenting together on selected passages from all three scriptures. Through hours of such study, discussion may move from verse to verse, canon to canon, and then also person to person, idea to idea, and tradition to tradition. Throughout the discussion, the selected passages remain the participants' "home base," giving peace and a degree of discipline to the encounter. SR invites participants to engage to join this encounter as committed members of particular faith traditions and as people curious to learn more and more about the other religious traditions and their literatures and histories.

Previous Training Sessions

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Participant Feedback

This session was a rich, intense, and fulfilling experience. I believe that I made a good start in learning the techniques and the opportunities/challenges of SR and look forward to working with SR in the future.
-Training session participant, 2009

The sessions with our group were great! The hospitality and arrangements were very helpful. The range of teachers and facilitators was great, and the participants were also diverse and interesting.
-Training session participant, 2010